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RIHCA - Rhode Island Health Center Association

Who Are the Health Centers?

Community health centers (CHCs), many of which are federally qualified health centers (FQHCs), play a vital role in the health care safety net by providing access to affordable and quality primary medical, oral health, and behavioral health services to more than 21 million Americans.

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Community Health Centers are the Health Care Solution

In many areas of Rhode Island, community health centers are the only source of health care for Medicaid and uninsured patients. Community health centers are safety net providers of cost-effective, high-quality primary and preventive health care in Rhode Island.

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Community Health Centers Specialize in Meeting Community Needs

Rhode Island’s community health centers provide high-quality health care that responds to the needs of each community's individual needs. Patient-led boards are a critical component of FQHC governance, and help the FQHCs respond to individual community needs.

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Community Health Centers Positively Impact the Economy

Beyond the outstanding health services provided to patients by community health centers, it is important to consider the economic impact health centers have on their communities.

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