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RIHCA - Rhode Island Health Center Association

Training and Technical Assistance


Preparing for the Operational Site Visit - a twopart webinar series to help prepare for the Site Visit and move toward a state of continuous compliance.
May 5 & 7, 2020
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2020 NACHC Training Opportunities
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Rhode Island Dental Assistants Association
2019 - 2020 Continuing Education Series
Kent County Hospital
455 Toll Gate Rd Warwick, RI
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Advancing LGBTQIA Health Equity Training

2019 UDS Resources
Training Information

  1. CY 2019 UDS In Person Training (.pdf)
  2. 2019 UDS Manual (.pdf)
  3. 2019 UDS Tables (.pdf)
  4. 2019 Code Changes for Table 6A_Reference(.pdf)
  5. PAL 2019-01 for Reporting 2019 Data (.pdf)
  6. Proposed PAL 2019-05 for Reporting 2020 Data (.pdf)
  7. 2019 Quick Fact Sheets (.pdf)
  8. UDS Training Webinar Flyer 2019 (.pdf)
  9. UDS Training Modules Overview (.pdf)
  10. HCPC Quartile Rankings FAQ (.pdf)
  11. UDS Training Resources Decision Tree (.pdf)
  12. Training resources - Beginner (.pdf)
  13. Training resources - Advanced (.pdf)
  14. QRS Accessing UDS Reports in EHB 330 (.pdf)
  15. QRS Accessing UDS Reports in EHB LAL (.pdf)
  16. User Guide UDS for 330 and LALs (.pdf)
  17. 2018 Formula Reference Guide for Reports (.pdf)
  18. 330 UDS 2018 Rollups (.pdf)
  19. LAL 2018 Rollups (.pdf)
  20. BHW_2018 Rollups (.pdf)
  21. BPHC 2018 At A Glance (.pdf)
  22. Look Alikes 2018 At A Glance (.pdf)
  23. BHW 2018 At A Glance (.pdf)
  24. In-Person Training Resources Provided (.pdf)
  25. 2019 UDS Clinical Quality Measures Handout (.pdf)
  26. 2018 State Performance Indicators (.pdf)
  27. HITEQ Key Resources 2019 (.pdf)
  28. HITEQ EHR Transition Tools June 2019 (.pdf)
  29. Submission Checklist (.pdf)
  30. Helpful Codes for HIV Measure (.pdf)
  31. 2019 UDS Virtual Visit Reporting Guide (.pdf)
  32. 2019 UDS MH SUD Selected Service Detail Guidance (.pdf)
  33. Financial Tables Guidance (.pdf)
  34. Sources of Data Group Activity (.pdf)
  35. USHIK help doc 2019 (.pdf)
  36. Nurse_Visits (.pdf)
  37. 2019 In Person Training Acronym List (.pdf)

A Call to Action: Prevention & Treatment of Addiction in the Primary Care Setting 12/13/2016

Answering the Call, Kiame Mahania, MD

Responding to the Prescription Opioid and Heroin Crisis: An Epidemic of Addiction,Andrew Kolodny, MD

Safer Prescribing: Change in Perspectives, Change in Practice, Change in Lives, Harmony Stratton, MD

Geriatric Slip & Falls- Presented by Dr. Richard Besdine

2016 RI Health Centers Safety & Security Functional Exercise
Presented by RI Department of Health